Choosing Headsets for Call Center Executives: Important Considerations

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Effective communication with clients/customers is important in every business, however, when it comes to call-centers, good communication becomes critical. It can make or break a company! To ensure that the agents can take calls properly and serve customers better, call centers need to invest in good quality headsets, so that their productivity doesn’t get hampered. Here are the most important considerations when buying a calling headset- Sound Quality - This is a no brainer, however, to cut down costs, call centers often end up buying headsets that don’t offer good sound quality, which is critical in operations that involve calling. The sound quality offered by a headset greatly depends on the speaker and microphone it comes with. Make sure you are getting headsets that have microphones and speakers that are loud enough, have the Noise Cancellation feature, and offer great audio clarity — both to the speaker and the listener. Comfort - Call center executives/agents take calls every day for around 7 to 8 hours, which can be hectic and stressful. A headset that is not comfortable is surely going to be a headache for them and your agents might feel pain in their back, neck, or shoulders. If possible, go for wireless headsets! If you are getting wired or corded headsets, go for the lightweight ones, and come with highly adjustable headbands, flexible/bendable arms, and good ear cushions. Monaural or Binaural? - Monoaural headsets feature a single earpiece that lets the user be on the call and also know what’s happening around them. On the other hand, binaural headsets are designers to ensure that a user’s complete concentration is on the call. Depending on the working conditions, the choice of the headset can vary. Large contact centers handling a lot of calls every day generally prefer binaural headsets. Looking for even more convenient options — for multi-party conference calls? Go for speakerphones! Check out Konftel conference room speakerphones that are designed for large and small conference rooms with analog, cellular, and USB connections for VoIP. Loaded with features, such as recording capability, phonebook, and group calling, they are one of the best products in the market for conference communications. Get Top Quality Headsets or Speakerphones for Office from Headset Link Whether you are looking for headsets or speakerphones, Headset Link has solutions to meet both requirements! On our website, we have featured products from some of the best brands in the industry. Poly for instance, formerly known as Plantronics, offers both corded and wireless headsets that are famous in the industry for providing unparalleled comfort. Invest in our good quality headsets/speakerphones to improve work efficiency and take your business to new heights. buy Instagram followers