Konftel Conference Phones for Seamless Conference Calling

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When it comes to audio and video solutions for conference calling, Konftel is a name that has built a solid reputation for itself in the industry. Since 1988, the brand has been manufacturing top quality products to help businesses around the world save time and money. Conference phones by Konftel, in particular, are considered some of the best in the business by many as they offer superb audio clarity, allowing businesses to conduct “smart” distance meetings while also ensuring effective communication and better collaboration. Models include but are not limited to 800, 300Wx, EGO, 300IPx, 55Wx, 300IP, 55, 300Mx, 300 and 250. Konftel 800 has been the latest addition to the brand’s widely popular conference phone series.

Konftel Conference Phones: Features

Konftel conference phones come loaded with features to ensure seamless conference calls. Basic models allow meetings between 6 people and the number reaches up to 20 for more advanced models. Connectivity options include USB support for PC-based collaboration, Bluetooth, SIP, Analog and GAP wireless DECT, mobile cables, and more. The phones are expandable with additional microphones and AUX port PA systems. Combine different connections and record calls on memory — the possibilities of  Konftel conference phone are virtually endless. The top-quality products are backed by a 2-years warranty.

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