A Brief Review: Plantronics EncorePro vs. SupraPlus Headset Series

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So, you’re here, in search of a new Plantronics corded customer service headset but can’t seem to decide whether you should go for:
The EncorePro headset series or the SupraPlus headset series
Where the SupraPlus series has always been the face of the Plantronics brand, ever since it was introduced into the market dating back to 2004, the EncorePro family is a much recent addition to the company’s existing product portfolio.
As such, it’s natural for you to struggle to make a choice between the reliability of the traditional, or the cutting-edge technology of the new.
We are here to help you make that decision
Each of us at HeadsetLink has extensively been evaluating the corded headsets of the two series—in particular, the Supra Plus HW251N and HW261N, and EncorePro HW510 and HW520 headsets—and has made even live phone calls wearing them.
And, this is what most of us unanimously agreed on…

In Terms of Durability

One thing that we noticed, while using the corded office headsets of the two series is the SupraPlus headphones appear much more bulkier and heavier than their EncorePro counterparts.
This can be attributed to the difference in hardware, that is being utilized in the manufacturing of these headsets. Our team consciously ignored everything that was taught to us about what NOT to do to with your office headsets, and we decided to give them a rough treatment.
We dropped them.
We spilled coffee on them.
We threw them on our desks.
Headsets from both the series fared pretty well but eventually the SupraPlus headsets came on top.
The HW251N and HW261N headsets proved to be more durable than EncorePro’s HW510 and HW520 headsets.

In Terms of Looks

This is where the EncorePro series, leaves the SupraPlus series far behind in competition. You just look at those HW510 and HW520 headsets and you instantly become fond of their looks. They are sleek. They look cutting edge and expensive, but at the same time, they are not expensive at all.
EncorePro series also comes equipped with a ribbing on the mic boom that tells you – Yes, you can bend your microphone close to your mouth! It’s not that the SupraPlus series headsets’ microphones cannot be bent; it’s just that you won’t know it by simply looking at them.
For some, this may not sound as take-my-money feature, but for our friend Dave—who kept using the SupraPlus headset, with the microphone away from his mouth—it matters. He was not comfortable with his headset...
…until we told him:
Dear, you can bring get microphone close to your mouth. 

In Terms of Audio Performance

At first, we did not expect that there would be much difference in the audio performance of the two, but we can safely conclude that the EncorePro series offers a much better and richer experience than the SupraPlus series.
This can be a big selling point for the EncorePro series headsets, as call center agents prefer using a headset that offers clear listening experience.
That’s it, this is what we concluded when comparing the headsets from both the series. Now you can go and shop for the one that you feel best suits your needs.

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